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The Path of Love is a deep and profound journey into the heart of you. It teaches you how to come into loving embrace of yourself through three very important steps. The first step is to acknowledge and honor all that you are. The second step is to accept all that you are - shadow and the light. The third step is to embrace the master self within and follow its guidance.

Goddess Isis or Quan Yin Oracle Reading



This is an oracle reading where I intuitively select the oracle card but will read the detailed message and healing activation from the Oracle book while adding my own intuitively messaging.
So please do not send me a question but rather hold your intention of the insight you are looking for at the time of purchase. 

Once, I have selected your card, I will record the message in video and send to you. In addition to reading the book, I will also add my own intuitive messaging and insights that I receive. 

The recorded message will be between 5 - 15 min long.


Please allow up to 48 hours for your message to be delivered to you. 


​$11.11 USD

In’Easa mabu Ishtar is an accredited emissary and teacher of the Divine University Project and the Academy of Energy Science & Consciousness. The Keeper of Knowledge, Wisdom and Mystery from the rays of God, Ishtar is an embodied Ascended Master Channel who has worked with the Masters for the past seven years regularly channelling high frequency wisdom teachings to groups and individuals. Ishtar completed a one-year G.A.I.A. Sacred Mystery School with her teacher Sri’Ama Qala and the Ascended Masters in 2004 and since then all her work has been oversouled by the Ascended Masters and the Family of Light.

Ishtar regularly runs groups and workshops and does individual sessions over the phone or in person. She is accredited in Advanced Pranic Healing, Level 5 Aromatherapy, Massage therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, Spiritual Counselling, and also in the use of Australian Bush Flower Essences and other light essences. Ishtar spent five years compiling and writing The Masters’ Way: The Threefold Path and she also offers Open to Channel, a 12-month course that teaches channels to open their frequency and anchor their full pillar on the Earth.

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About the Facilitator

Val Blair is an accredited teacher of the Masters' Way and has worked with the activations and lessons of the Masters' Way: The Threefold Path (Path of Light, Path of Love and Path of Mystery) for the last five years. She has also completed Open to Channel, a 12-month course that teaches channels to open their frequency and anchor their full pillar on the Earth and is a member of Ishtar's Mentors of Love & Wisdom. 

She has trained and is certified under Gabby Bernstein's Level 1 Spirit Junkie Masterclass. 

Additionally, she is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and inspirational blogger and speaker on topics that span grief, work/life balance and living a grateful life.

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