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Meet Val
Soul-minded Coach, Speaker and Teacher

Official Bio

Val Blair | Writer/Speaker on Grief and Trauma, Soul-minded Coach, Healer and Teacher

Val has worked in the media and creative industry for over 20 years and is a transformational coach, healer and blogger. She helps others tap into their "fearful pain-bodies, the accumulation of life experiences filled with emotion, pain or fear, and embrace /transform those emotions into strength and love. Through her blog, she journals her grief and healing journey through love.


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Motivational Mondays

Val Blair Interview with Lauren Stanton

Lauren Stanton from Celebrations by Stanton interviews Val Blair on her journey through grief and the beauty of strength.  


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A Light in the Chaos_ One Day You Will Climb Everest dreamstime_xxl_84926565_climbing-ever

Thrive Global

Val Blair | One Day You Will Climb Everest

In life, we will each face our own inner Everest. And every climb is different as conditions can change in an instant causing us to change the routes we take. But we climb knowing we must dig in deep and touch something personal within. It may take several months, years and many attempts but we will take the time needed to make it to the summit.

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Thrive Global

Val Blair | In the Forest of Echoes

Grief navigates differently in everyone’s life. And many will find comfort in the world that is between here and there. The world before everything changed. There is no timeline for how long you stay. It is hauntingly beautiful and comfortable. And even if you leave it is easy to slide back in. 

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A Light in the Chaos_In the Forest of Echoes dreamstime_xxl_115644951_ID-115644951-©-Andre
You Are Not Your Trauma_Interview with Genevieve Solomon.png

You Are Not Your Trauma

Interview with Genevieve Solomon

Join 25+ Inspiring Experts, Healers and Teachers to discuss ways to break free from the past, rapidly heal negative patterns, navigating through grief and stepping into your beautiful, authentic self.


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