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From Heaven with Love Oracle Deck 

dear love

This 58-card oracle deck infused with Reiki energy provides guided messages from your loved ones and supports your grief journey. This deck was channeled and created this deck for those like me navigating through their journey of grief. In my own experience, having a tool like this helped me find the needed comfort through difficult times. 

Love is a powerful force, and we are connected by an intangible cord that never breaks. Your loved ones want to help and guide you through these difficult times. 

These messages will help you connect with your loved ones in spirit. They may answer pressing questions or provide overall comfort. Simply think of your loved one and select one or several cards. You may use these as often as you need. I recommend keeping a journal as you work with these cards as you may receive additional messages and meanings connected to your loved ones. Even when things seem impossible, your loved ones will always be there to support and encourage you. 

Holding love and space for you and your loved ones always.

Val, A Light in the Chaos

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Receive loving and supportive messages from

your loved ones in Heaven.

The messages on the cards are exactly what I was looking for in leading grief healing groups.
Thank you <3

- Stacy

I purchased these as a gift for my Mom after my Dad passed. I cant express how much peace she found using these. She keeps calling me to tell me the messages she received and how the messages are so in tune with what she needs and how she felt my Dad would have spoke. The hardest part of grieving is missing that communication connection. She feels as though he is still very much around and that brings her a little peace in a very difficult situation. I searched high and low for this, and these cards are by far the best.

- Victoria

Amazing and beautiful cards that helps me and others. Thank you for keeping me informed with updates during the whole time! You rock! Also I want to mention that I love my heart stone gift that you sent♥️ and the hand written notes that showed u respect and care for the people that buy from you! It’s always nice to get a appreciation note. Thank you again! P.S. YOU WANT THESE CARDS THEY'RE AMAZING!!

healing through clarity.

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