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Creating a Life of Hope

about me

Welcome to A Light in the Chaos. My name is Val and I’m an inspirational speaker, blogger, storyteller, guide and healer helping others live a brighter & happier life. As a firm believer that we are all sparks of light with the ability to positively transform our darkest moments, I know firsthand that we can shift difficult experiences and situations by changing our surrounding thoughts.

I believe self-work is beneficial to our interactions with others, we can connect through laughter and compassion, and that love ultimately binds us. 


A Light In The Chaos was created in 2012, beginning as a blog chronicling the life and death of my partner, Derek. As I learned to navigate the path towards healing as a widow and reflect on the tragic loss of many family members, I was able to spark a light that resided the chaos in my mind. My soul was able to find points of healing and peace. Finding my light through the unimaginable was possible. 

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My journey to finding my light in the unimaginable began when I experienced the unimaginable. I lost my mother before the age of ten, taking on the immediate role of caregiver—and best friend—for my maternal grandmother. By the age of 36,
I had lost both parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and family members. Despite enduring more death than most,
I was able to maintain a sense of normalcy within work and everyday life. All of that changed when the man I loved very suddenly died, shifting my world into a tailspin. In an instant, the life I knew had forever changed. 


Fighting to maintain a sense of purpose and happiness, my heart had retreated and began to cocoon itself. I used work as a distraction from the pain, ignoring all the stress signals of physical and mental grief. After slowly falling into depression with deteriorating health, I began seeing a grief therapist only to find temporary relief. One evening, I dreamed of Derek and experienced a life-changing “aha” moment. He asked if I wanted to throw in the towel and come with him. In that instant, every personal accomplishment, scene of love, joy with friends and moments of inspiration flashed before my eyes. In spite of what I believed to have suffered through death, loss and grief, I had created a beautiful life. I kept choosing to see light in the chaos. 


Through my pain, I created a story that my life didn’t have meaning without him. But stories can be rewritten. I created a new chapter by embracing and loving every facet of myself, including the darkest parts. I needed the darkness to find the light. While tragedy had co-written the first few chapters of my life, I’m now taking control of my narrative. By integrating all that I’ve learned, I’m writing my story to be bold, reverent of the past, fulfilling, bright and illuminated. 

Sharing My Story of Loss

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learning to own my narrative...

We are all sparks of light with the ability to positively transform our darkest moments. 

Mastering My Practice

my credentials...

Throughout my journey, I have become an international spiritual teacher, grief counselor, speaker, mentor and Reiki master on a mission to guide others toward their own light, discover their auththenic selves & find peace that was once unimaginable. 


I am an Ordained Minister and an Usui Reiki Master and Teacher. Under the tutelage of spiritual teacher Gale Haas, I've studied The Masters' Way, a three-year course created by international spiritual teacher In’Easa mabu Ishtar and the Ascended Masters, which teaches how to understand energy and to use the power of light and love in everyday life, and am now an accredited teacher of this life-changing course. Additionally, I've completed my studies in Open to Channel, also by In’Easa mabu Ishtar, an advanced course in opening to and receiving from our higher self and intuition. 


Having worked in the media and creative industry for over 20 years, I believe creativity in all forms allows us to share our authentic selves with others. I use creativity and music to tap into fearful pain-bodies, the accumulation of life experiences filled with emotion, pain or fear, and embrace/transform those emotions into strength and love. 

I am a Lightworker by birth and by choice. In addition to my certifications, I have lived the life, walked the walk and have done the work — personal and shadow.
I know firsthand how trauma, tragedy and hardships can pull you into depression and create distractions from stress. I also know that we have an amazing power to heal ourselves and reclaim authorship of our lives & stories. I am proof that joy in spite of loss and trauma is attainable. I am here to support you as you find your light in the chaos. Together, we will uncover and embrace the parts of you that feel alone, unloved, fearful or overwhelmed. We’ll set a course toward beauty, meaning, healing and freedom.

I will illuminate the path and hold space for you — until you can light it for yourself. 

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a few of my favorite things...

  • Creamy coffee, matcha and turmeric lattes. 

  • Anything by the water.

  • My puma sneakers.

  • Video games, old movies and music of all kinds.

  • Natural sunlight & the smell of coconut on
    sun-kissed skin.

  • The after-magic that a storm brings, making everything look fresh & new.

  • Long drives & taking back roads to discover new places and meet new people.

  • Good food and laughing with friends.

  • Traveling! Maine, Vienna, New Zealand,
    Machu Picchu… I can spontaneously get up &
    go anywhere.

  • Crystals, synchronicity, angel and oracle cards. 

  • Looking up at the stars in amazement of the Universe.

  • Helping people heal. 

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