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Creating a Life of Hope

About Val Blair

I AM... 

...a firm believer that we are all sparks of light with the ability to transform our darkest moments into something positive. And that we can shift our experience of a difficult situation by changing the thoughts we have surrounding it.

​I believe that work we do on ourselves is beneficial to others, especially those we hold most dear.

When I drive (which is A LOT) I often take the path less traveled and I find the most amazing places, people and moments that take my breath away. I believe laughter and compassion connect us -- love binds us.  


Hi there, my name is Val. I'm an inspirational speaker, blogger/storyteller, guide and healer who has been helping others heal the stories from their past in order to live a happier life. 

My journey in “finding the light in the chaos” began when I lost my mother before the age of ten and took on the immediate role as best friend and caregiver for my maternal grandmother who was only 5 months from retirement but stayed at her job so she could support me and my brother and cousin. By the time I was 36, I had lost both parents, grandparents, a host of aunts, uncles, cousins and family members. The truth was even though I had endured death more than most, I was still high-functioning and able to maintain a sense of normalcy within work and my life. All of that changed when the man I loved died very suddenly. All of a sudden my world went into a tailspin. The life I knew and had before he passed changed forever.  

I fought to maintain a sense of purpose and happiness, but found that my heart had retreated and began to cocoon itself. I began to use work as a distraction from the pain. Not paying attention to the stress it was creating physically and mentally. I began to slowly fall into depression and my health was deteriorating. I was seeing a grief therapist but found only temporary relief.

Then one evening I had a life-changing "aha" moment in a dream with my fiancé. He asked me if I wanted to throw in the towel and come with him. In that instant, I saw every personal accomplishment, scenes of love and joy with friends and moments of inspiration either I had received or had shared with others. In spite of what I believed to have suffered by way of death, I had created a beautiful life because I kept choosing to seeing the light in the chaos.

In my pain, I created a story that my life didn't have meaning because he wasn't in it. But I changed the story and created a new chapter by embracing and loving every facet of myself including the shadow parts.

I needed the light and the darkness to remember why I was here. 


And I found myself through journaling and tools that helped me to uncover my spirit.  

I know just as love never dies neither does our grief. But I also know that while tragedy has co-written the first few chapters of my life I alone write the middle and the end integrating all that I've learned and by creating life that is bold, reverent of the past and life-fulfilling. 

And so this is why I AM HERE.

I know firsthand how trauma, tragedy and hardships can pull you into a depression
and make you feel that you can hardly breathe.  

I know how easy it is to find distractions from the the stress by over-working, addictions
and through isolation.


But I also know that we all have the amazing power to heal ourselves and to reclaim
authorship of our life story.


I am proof that joy in spite of loss and trauma is attainable. I live every day in gratitude and am passionate about life.  

I am here to support and guide you back to your "light in the chaos."

Together we will uncover and embrace those parts of you that feel alone, unloved, fearful or overwhelmed and set a course toward  beauty, meaning, healing and freedom.   


I will illuminate the path and will hold space for you until you can light it for yourself




So what are my creds? 
I've worked in the media and creative industry for 20 years. Creativity in all forms allow us to share our authentic selves with others. I, for one, can move into deep meditation and connect with my inner self through loud rock or music with drums and bass!

I use creativity and music to help others tap into "fearful pain-bodies, the accumulation of life experiences filled with emotion, pain or fear, and embrace/transform those emotions into strength and love.

I am a Lightworker by birth and by choice. Yes, I have certifications, but what is more important is that I have lived the life needed and have done the personal and shadow work.

I am an Ordained Minister and an Usui Reiki Master and Teacher. Under the tutelage of spiritual teacher Gale Haas, I've studied The Masters' Way, a three-year course created by international spiritual teacher In’Easa mabu Ishtar and the Ascended Masters, which teaches how to understand energy and to use the power of light and love in everyday life. I am now an accredited teacher of this life-changing course. Additionally, I've completed my studies in Open to Channel, also by In’Easa mabu Ishtar, an advanced course in opening to and receiving from our higher-self and intuition. 

Thanks for submitting!


...creamy coffee; matcha and tumeric lattes. Anything by the water. My Puma sneakers. Video games. Old movies. Music of all kinds (I used to DJ). Natural sunlight. The smell of coconut on sun-kissed skin. The after-magic that a storm brings making everything look fresh and new. 

...driving. As long as I have gas I will drive anywhere. I love taking back roads and discovering new places and meeting people. 

...good food and laughing with friends. Did I mention that I LOVE to drive. :) I can spontaneously get up and go to Maine in the winter to walk the beach; take a plane to Vienna for the day to attend a ball. Or travel to see the wonders of Machu Picchu. 

...crystals, synchronicity, angel and oracle cards, and looking up at the stars in amazement of the Universe.

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