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There are Brighter Days Ahead...

kind words from others...

"Val made this expanding journey so very wonderful. She is trustworthy with your life experiences, a magnificent mentor."

- Bertha

Val is a highly-gifted healer and her innate talents, wealth of knowledge, compassion, and genuine care opened my eyes and my heart to the magic of what it means to stay present and balanced.

From the very first session with Val, I felt powerful emotional shifts that renewed my sense of positivity, opened up my heart, and gave me clarity and a greater perspective on life. During each session, Val gives you her full and undivided attention and has a real presence in the room. I leave feeling focused and balanced with renewed vigor. Her instinct and insight is astounding and she is unequivocally a master of her trade."


Val has long been a friend but I am especially grateful to have her as a teacher. She radiates empathy and wisdom, helping even a skeptical soul like me get in touch with the deep, resonant energy within myself. It's been an awakening and I am thrilled to be on this spiritual journey with her as a guide.

- Joy

Val is an amazing soul with a beautiful gift. Thank you!

- Elizabeth

Such an intuitive and enlightening read; It is difficult to find good readers on Etsy. She did a wonderful job with my situation and I will be buying another reading from her when needed! 

- Amanda

I had such a powerful session with Val recently! She has such a compassionate, loving and gentle nature. She helped me to work through some limiting beliefs and walked me through an extremely powerful meditation to help me release negative thought patterns.


I took the Masters Way course with Val this past year and it was a beautiful, eye opening experience. Val expanded my awareness, taught me new tools, and helped me grow personally, professionally, and spiritually throughout the course. I intentionally chose Val as my teacher for this course. Her personal and professional life experience made her the perfect mentor for me and her gentle guidance, compassion, and loving support throughout the course and beyond has helped me so much. I am forever grateful.

- Miriam

This is one of the best readings I have ever received, Val is really great and kind. She was able to connect with my brother and deliver messages to me that I cannot currently receive at this moment. So much detailed information, so glad to have found her in such divine timing.

- Juwell

Great deck & perfect gift. 
Thank you!

- Karen

I purchased these [From Heaven with Love Oracle deck] as a gift for my Mom after my Dad passed. I cant express how much peace she found using these. She keeps calling me to tell me the messages she received and how the messages are so in tune with what she needs and how she felt my Dad would have spoke. The hardest part of grieving is missing that communication connection. She feels as though he is still very much around and that brings her a little peace in a very difficult situation. I searched high and low for this, and these cards are by far the best.

The messages on the cards are exactly what I was looking for in leading grief healing groups.
Thank you <3


Amazing and beautiful cards that helps me and others. Thank you for keeping me informed with updates during the whole time! You rock! Also I want to mention that I love my heart stone gift that you sent♥️ and the hand written notes that showed u respect and care for the people that buy from you! It’s always nice to get a appreciation note. Thank you again! P.S YOU WANT THESE CARDS THEY'RE AMAZING!!

- Miranda

Val is an amazing teacher and guide who gently helped me realize my own on-going awakening. She provided the tools I needed with unconditional love and grace.
- Monique

What a wonderful deck with beautiful messages! I absolutely love it. Thank you so much! 🙏🏾❤️😊

- Nikia

These cards are beautiful and I absolutely love them. I can’t wait

to use them on my TT page and share your beautiful work with

my followers. I highly recommend this seller.

- Kacie

When I began The Path of Light class, I entered it to deepen my understanding and relationship with the Ascended Masters. I could not have received the amount of shifting without the guidance from the Masters, Val or my classmates in our Group Heart. While each person had different expectations of the class; our journeys and sharing during each lesson rooted us together forever. Our relationships deepen, as our work in the class furthered. The lessons offered different healings for each person; while we all supported one another in the process.The Path of Light has been an expanding of my heart, thought process, and my total being. I feel my spirituality has exploded. There is a deeper commitment of soul connection with the heavens and the earth below. I feel like I am being held in the hands of God every day. And each day of my life is a gift. This has brought me more inner peace and appreciation of others that come into my per view for the second or hours. I see life so different; like looking threw a lens of a camera but seeing things in technicolor.

- Bertha

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