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My Grief and
Healing Journey

How I Found My Light in the Chaos

my journey to find the light in the chaos began...

On June 11, 2012, at 8:45PM — the moment I’ve realized I lost my best friend and partner suddenly and unexpectedly. 

While I had not been a stranger to lost and grief, this devastating experience propelled me onto a long but necessary journey towards understanding the metaphysical and the real world as my experiences with the afterlife guided me towards self-healing and creating a life of passion, strength and gratitude. 

Self-healing does not mean that we “get over” the loss, but it does help us to bravely continue on as we start Chapter Two of our lives while weaving the memories of our beloveds into it.

Within this blog, I record my memories and experiences with the afterlife, communication with my partner and how it supported my real-life journey to healing and peace.

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