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Setting Intentions for the Winter Solstice

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Earth experiences the winter solstice when the shortest and darkest day of the year passes and a new, longer day begins. Winter solstice celebrations have been going on for thousands of years all around the world— as it acknowledges the fading of darkness and the forming of new light, shedding the past and ushering in a hopeful future. You can also think of this day as a sacred space where we reflect, recalibrate and set intentions that will help us move into this season and the new year with ease and grace. For me, creating rituals and traditions help me greatly with grief or creating ways to bring more balance and peace into my life. I can celebrate the memories of my loved ones while setting intentions to support my mind and body.

With this in mind, begin to think about your intentions and the energy you want to bring into the holiday season and through the year. By creating the foundation and writing your intentions onto paper, the energy and healing can start moving to allow your intentions to happen. This is a wonderful gift to give to yourself.

Here Are My Intentions For the Holiday Season and New Year

I want to find and discover things that make me smile. I want take long drives again and walk in nature daily, feeling the energy of life. I want to make sure I set 1 hour in the day to step away from work and do something that brings me joy or self-care; whether this is listening to music, dancing, doing something creative, napping or just sitting in my own silence. I want to wear cozy sweaters and warm slippers, and drink warm elixirs that makes my body feel nurtured. I want calm and peace. I want to find gratitude in the everyday even when my day to day feels challenging. I want to travel. Create beautiful moments in the everyday. I want to meet new people, have healing conversations and form deep relationships. I want to speak kindly and honestly, meditate often and laugh constantly.

Now You Try It

Take a deep a breath and imagine your brain if it could be an oyster sliding from your cranial to the heart. Feeling warm and comfortable. From this new space of thinking, write your wishes and your intentions for this holiday season and for the new year. What do you want to experience? What do you want to do? How do you want next year to look? Write it all down. It can be very detailed or simple + loose parameters. Just have fun with creating your intentions and what you really want.

When you are finished, look at what you want and know whatever it is – YOU DESERVE IT.

With Love and Warm Light,



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