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New Reading for the Month of July

Summer is in full swing and with it comes warm days (super warm if you are in NY) and vibrant energy.

This inspired me to do a group reading for the month of July. As you will see from the cards below, July is bringing in new energy.

This month I am using Sacred Rebels and Kuan Yin Oracle decks by Alanna Fairchild. I love her decks as the cards hold so much creative and loving energy.

Sacred Rebels are co-creators living in the real world. They bring creativity and help foster growth and change in how to live an authentic life.

Kuan Yin brings in compassion and guidance on the divine feminine -- which represents our sacred connection to Mother Earth and to the very energy of giving birth … to ideas, expressions and dreams.

As you look at the cards take a moment to feel what the imagery, words and energy bring up for you.

I began the reading by inviting in guides with the highest level of love for us to help show how we can stimulate transformation and renewal in life in a more balanced way.

Below are the cards I pulled for July.

Please know that if you come to this post after July, this message is still relevant to you as you were guided to receive this message for a reason.


Card 1: Dance of the Butterfly Queen

Like the caterpillar that gracefully transforms into a beautiful butterfly, the Universe is asking you to allow grace into your life to allow for transformation to occur.

As you move through challenges or difficult situations, you are being asked to let go and allow something new and of higher energy to shift into your life.

Perhaps you are going through a difficult relationship or having trouble realizing a certain dream. Kuan Yin is asking you to step into grace and release limiting beliefs that you are unworthy or must struggle in order to secure happiness or success. You are being asked to see each moment as an opportunity for growth, unconditional love and development.

Stepping into grace brings compassion and the ability to see the larger picture. For example, that difficult relationship you're in may end, but it will provide an opportunity to know clearly what you want in your next partnership. The project that is having difficulty getting off the ground may lead you to a new perspective or avenue that will make the project stronger.

You are also being asked to allow others to assist you as you transition from this difficult situation into one that serves your highest good. Allowing others to help you is not a sign of giving up your power but is an empowerment of the relationship allowing you to grow wiser and stronger as you rise above this difficult situation.

Card 2: Relax the Hold of Darkness and Be At Cause ​​

Like the first card, you are being asked to surrender and allow for old paradigms to shift as you move into a new reality that holds lots of potential energy to achieve your dreams.

You are being asked to say "YES" to the Universe.

Saying "Yes" means sometimes saying "No" to fear which keeps you stagnant in a comfortable environment.

Saying "Yes" allows you to jump into life with both feet filled with excitement and wonder.

To move into "Yes" you need to move away from fear which "remembers" the darkness or challenges from the past, and leave behind hesitation and procrastination.

Perhaps a friend invites you to accompany him/her on a trip the day before s/he leaves. While you would normally say No to this, you are being asked to take a leap of faith and see where the adventure leads.

If you keep listening to your fear it will keep you "hidden" from the world. It may keep you from writing that book that's been ruminating for years or from taking a chance and moving to a new state. Fear will keep you from living the life you were meant to.

So dive deep off the edge and take a chance on your dreams. You may discover new heights, or you may fall but you will never fly if you don't try.

Card 3: Drink from the Emerald Fountain ​​

There is a saying that goes "No pain no gain." This card is reassuring you that there is nothing to be gained in making life more difficult than it needs to be.

As you move through this time of growth and change, the more you ask for assistance from the Divine and from those who love you, the easier it will be to solve problems and to move through challenges with ease and grace.

You are being invited to drink from the Emerald Fountain and receive support, unconditional love and guidance from Kuan Yin.

Through this never-ending support, you will rise up and to break through any and all challenges.


I hope you enjoyed this reading and that the messages on these cards have reminded you that you are always being guided towards a life of love and peace within yourself.

In love and light always,



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