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Sprinter is Finally Just Spring! My New Reading For the Month of May

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Spring is my favorite season in New York. The birds are chirping and that which has been dormant for through the winter months are reborn in luscious greens and flowers. You can feel the transformative energy all around.

This beautiful energy inspired me to do a group reading for the month of May.

I used the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck by Alanna Fairchild.

Like the flowers that blossom in the May sun, Sacred Rebels are co-creators living in the real world. They bring creativity and help foster growth and change in how to live an authentic life.  

As you look at the cards take a moment to feel what the imagery, words and energy bring up for you.

I began the reading by inviting in guides with the highest level of love for us to help show how we can stimulate transformation and renewal in life in a more balanced way.

Below are the cards I pulled for May.

Please know that if you come to this post after May, this message is still relevant to you as you were guided to receive this message for a reason.

Card 1: Focus on the Light

Just in time for Spring, this card shows us that this is a beautiful time for renewal and transformation.

Maybe you want to start a new project, move to a new job or move to a new place. As your intention is set and grows, things will start to fall into place to help you achieve this. You may bump into someone who “just happens” to be working on a similar project you are interested in starting and can help you. Or your friend tells you about a job opportunity that you’ve been dreaming of.

Opportunities, information and synchronistic events will seem to come from everywhere and they are as magic wants to happen in your life!

Keep your intentions set to the highest good for you, focus and allow the blessings to come into your life. And trust the direction of the Universe and know that you are worthy and deserving of all good things.  

Card 2: The Word Wants to be Written

This is a powerful message inviting you to drop your shields and allow full love and acceptance of yourself into your life.

“What you want to create, wants to be created. The word wants to be written.”

 It can be easy to forget who we are. We live in a culture where we often look outside of ourselves to determine the value of our life. Are you married, do you have children, do you have a successful job pulling in six-figures, or do you go on fabulous vacations that are worthy of social media attention?

So often we look towards others for approval and acceptance but we forget to look to the most important person whose approval matters – ourselves.

Your life purpose and who you are within is letting itself be known. Life is asking you to drop the shields and allow you to be naked to yourself. Acknowledge any judgments you’ve made about yourself and embrace the natural and beautiful soul that you are.

You are a rock star and have accomplished so much. And there is more for you to create and gift to this world – just allow the process to flow naturally and love every moment of it.

Card 3: Visions of Life Beyond Death

Wayne Dyer said “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

This card is showing you that you are beginning to see and experience things around you in a different way as you will see what is at the heart of the matter and not just through your eyes.

Things that seemed consequential will no longer hold power over you. And things that may have been an annoyance or a challenge (relationships with family, partner, colleagues, etc) will now offer opportunities for you to find peace within yourself.

The more we allow ourselves to begin open to see another person’s perspective of a challenging situation differently, the more we will allow love to fill us.

If you struggle with doing this, close your eyes and ask for your defense shields to drop so that you may see a situation clearly and with compassion and love.

In shifting the energy, the way people will interact with you will change as well. When you shame or judge another, their reactions will be markedly different than when you see them with love and compassion.

Go easy on yourself. Be the gentle, nonjudgmental witness and always know that seeing a situation with love vs. through the eyes of fear will make all the difference and will access peace.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and that the messages on these cards have reminded you that you are always being guided towards a life of love and peace within yourself.

I will be posting another blog/vlog soon on how you can access daily guidance in your own life.

In love and light always,



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